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Partial 22° halo and CZA

Partial 22° halo and CZA by slitherjef
Partial 22° halo and CZA, a photo by slitherjef on Flickr.

On my way home from work tonight I took notice of a partial 22° halo around the sun. When I got home I decided to go ahead and shoot the incomplete halo, thinking the rays would be a nice effect as well.

Well, I got a couple shots off and seen a little bar of color near the zenith (strait up). The sun is pretty low about 90 minutes or so from sunset. Which could be why the circumzenithal arc (near the top of the frame, pink on the bottom and light blue on the top) above the halo is so dim and small.

One other possibility is the arc is part of a much larger halo, the 46° halo, but those are rare and huge.

While this is far from the best example of a circumzenithal arc or “CZA” this is one of the best ones I have managed to photograph. I did kind of push the processing on this photo a bit to help bring out some details. A circular polarizer was also used

Here is a link about solar altitude and the brightness of CZAs:

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Sunset April 28th

Sunset April 28th by slitherjef
Sunset April 28th, a photo by slitherjef on Flickr.

Skies started out clear today but in the afternoon, the layer of clouds rolled in. I had thought there was a slim chance of a colorful sunset tonight, but I took notice of a wee bit of color in the sky so I pulled out the camera, started to take some handheld shots but I ended up upping my ISO and dropping my shutter speed, I ran in and got the tripod.

As I was doing this, the sky continued to get color to it. After setting my camera up, getting the remote switch I took a few shots and noticed to the North West color was really getting good.

The bad news? The houses in the way. I decided to take the shots anyway. I know most people would have probably not taken the shot (or would have been in a better location anyway).

As I was shooting, now at the 1 second mark, I stopped the lens down another stop, so this is an underexposed image, this was done to bring out the colors and saturation even more. Then I did my usual processing and decided for a different type of crop: 2.39:1

I really dig the colors here

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This shoot is for the birds

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

A side track from my usual photographic adventures. Today before work I decided to finally hit up the pond near the local rec center with my rarely used canon 300mm f/4L IS lens, the 1.4x canon extender II and the 5DmkII. At the pond there was not a huge selection of birds, but there where a few hanging out and best of all, they where decent size. Which is good because even shooting with an effective focal length of 420mm, small birds are still small.

At waters edge

At the Waters Edge

To be honest I usually do not shoot to many birds and most of these shots I am not 100% sure what I was shooting, other then a water loving bird. Some of the images here are on the hot side, from shooting at almost 3 in the afternoon, but at least I got some shots in.

Going for a swim

Going for a swim

Duing the course of about 15 minutes I tore off about 100 shots trying a bunch of shots, landings, flight, panning and so on. As you would expect many of the shots where out of focus, if not blurry.

Swim together

Pelicans going for a swim

Duing my shoot, my sister took notice of a smaller white bird over by the rocks, not one of the pelicans I was shooting. I thought perhaps this may be an Egret, but once again I really don’t know my birds. Perhaps a bird guide may be in order. I did get a few shots of the little fellow, one stretched out, but the shot was less then good, but this one came out pretty well, I think.

Egret hiding

Egret Hiding

Though the best shot I think came from when I was wrapping up. A larger bird got fairly close to me as it was landing creating a very nice splash down. Although before I could get a good shot of the photos I had to send the camera home while I went off to work. When I loaded the photos up to my PC I saw the small thumbnail for the shot and kept my fingers crossed hoping that between me, the camera and lens set up the auto focus and AI servo did the job. I loaded up the thumbnail and a smile came up on my face…

Touch Down

Touch Down

So, all in all, a very nice shoot with a couple good surprises. Now, I must ask, since I don’t know a whole lot of birds if anyone can ID the birds in these shots better then I have, please give me a heads up.

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Earth Day Sunset

Earth Day Sunset by slitherjef
Earth Day Sunset, a photo by slitherjef on Flickr.

Not quite sure what to think of this photo. On one hand, I really like the colors, though I my have pushed things a bit hard, as you can tell by the glow around the trees, speaking of which, don’t look quite as sharp as I had wanted, but could be due to wind. But the major factor I don’t like here are the three stay objects… two light posts and a sign.

But, the fact I did get out and get something photographed is good, even if it was another shot I took while on break at work.

Via Flickr:
Not much of a sunset tonight, but at least I gave it a try

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Rays, Rainbows and Rain

Well, we finally got some half way interesting weather rolling through Denver today, a brief thunderstorm in the afternoon and one that missed me earlier in the day. The first cell that passed over us today had some neat structure on its base but I failed to get to it in time. I did get some shots of the anvil after it passed over and headed out of town. The later cell proved a bit more interesting for me, producing a rainbow that did not last too long.


Rainbow over the Pond


Since the storm passed by near sunset, some interesting colors started to show, at one point, the thought of, “this looks like root-beer” crossed my mind.

Storm Cell

Storm Cell near sunset


Of course, the sun did go behind the cloud that did not do the Rainbow any good, something more spectacular showed up in the west: Crepuscular rays.

Crepuscular rays

Crepuscular rays Over The Rockies


Not too shabby, I think since I was stuck at work while this was going on. The key is, to time your breaks just right. The thunderstorm produced some very nice lighting which was helped by the sun which was getting ready to set.

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Sunset Over the Rockies

Hey all. April 15h turned out to be a bit of a surprise as skies where mostly clear the whole day. However, near sunset some clouds did roll in to produce a very colorful sunset. I was at work at the time but was able to step out for a break to snap a few shots off with the g12 before the sunset started to fade.


Rocky Mountain Sunset


Rocky Mountain Sunset

Love the colors here

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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