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Smoky skies pt2

These shots where taken at Barr Lake on 6/5/11 and go with the previous posting. Just too tired last night to edit the photos and get the ready for web (and prints!).

All afternoon the sky in Denver had a smoky hazy look to it and before heading down to the Lake, I seriously thought things would not pull trough, In fact as the evening went on, the colors in the sky got better and better. The sun was a totally different look, red, and even the clouds took on a smoky brown, just plain odd. Even the lighting was different.

The sun sets on the Mountains of Colorado

Sun is setting. Note the colors here.

As you can see, things look a bit different. Almost has a lavender pearlescent look to the whole image. From here, things only got better. Aside from the bugs, I don’t know how many spots I had to take the healing brush to and to top it off, I managed to get a hair or eyelash inside my mirror box and it found its way to my sensor. Time to bring out the rocket blower and wet cleaning kit, I guess.

After sunset

After the sun had set, I happened to notice the crescent moon hanging in the sky

What a stunning display of light. Too bad about the wildfires that caused this.

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Smoky skies bring amazing sunsets

At the lake by slitherjef
At the lake, a photo by slitherjef on Flickr.

Right now and for the past couple days sunsets and even sun rises have been red here in the Denver area. These colors are due to smoke from out of state fires being blown in by the wind.

If you are in the Colorado area, give a look at the skies during sunset or sunrise. If things are just right, the colors are amazing.


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Water Color

Water Color by slitherjef
Water Color, a photo by slitherjef on Flickr.

Got to the lake mid afternoon today and lighting was harsh. I was thinking of shooting a time lapse but could not find a suitable spot to do so until I ran across this scene. By the time I started the shutter the light had started to fade, this was about 8pm. So I decided to just shoot a couple stills.

The reflection here really caught my eye but the shore line of the lake was not working to my advantage. I walked up and down rotated the camera and then finally settled on this composition and location.

Shot using a circular polarizer and Lee 2 stop hard GND filter. I ended up underexposing the raw file and needed to bring it back up in post.

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Sunset in the East

Sunset in the East by slitherjef
Sunset in the East, a photo by slitherjef on Flickr.

It has been a while since I have got to pull out my camera and I thought tonight was going to be the same. Near sunset I went out side and seen the sky clearing in the West, I figured it would be a bust, but I decided to go out and look anyway. When I stepped out side and looked to the East, the sky was lighting up pretty good.

It feels good to get a photo.

on another note, I still have yet to put to use my lee hard edge GND filters or my singh-ray reverse 3 stop. This is starting to bum me out, but perhaps the weather will start to behave and my work schedule will allow me to do more shooting and perhaps use my filters.

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Experimental HDR

experiment by slitherjef
experiment, a photo by slitherjef on Flickr.

Been a little bit since I got out and got some photos so I decided to share a bit of an HDR experiment. Mostly because I was bored and I wanted to see if the software would be worth buying since I already have a handful of GND filters. The idea was to get rid of the blown highlights, a GND would not have done much good in this example, and I still blew out some highlights during the HDR conversion.

Your thoughts are welcome

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Sunset April 28th

Sunset April 28th by slitherjef
Sunset April 28th, a photo by slitherjef on Flickr.

Skies started out clear today but in the afternoon, the layer of clouds rolled in. I had thought there was a slim chance of a colorful sunset tonight, but I took notice of a wee bit of color in the sky so I pulled out the camera, started to take some handheld shots but I ended up upping my ISO and dropping my shutter speed, I ran in and got the tripod.

As I was doing this, the sky continued to get color to it. After setting my camera up, getting the remote switch I took a few shots and noticed to the North West color was really getting good.

The bad news? The houses in the way. I decided to take the shots anyway. I know most people would have probably not taken the shot (or would have been in a better location anyway).

As I was shooting, now at the 1 second mark, I stopped the lens down another stop, so this is an underexposed image, this was done to bring out the colors and saturation even more. Then I did my usual processing and decided for a different type of crop: 2.39:1

I really dig the colors here

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This shoot is for the birds

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

A side track from my usual photographic adventures. Today before work I decided to finally hit up the pond near the local rec center with my rarely used canon 300mm f/4L IS lens, the 1.4x canon extender II and the 5DmkII. At the pond there was not a huge selection of birds, but there where a few hanging out and best of all, they where decent size. Which is good because even shooting with an effective focal length of 420mm, small birds are still small.

At waters edge

At the Waters Edge

To be honest I usually do not shoot to many birds and most of these shots I am not 100% sure what I was shooting, other then a water loving bird. Some of the images here are on the hot side, from shooting at almost 3 in the afternoon, but at least I got some shots in.

Going for a swim

Going for a swim

Duing the course of about 15 minutes I tore off about 100 shots trying a bunch of shots, landings, flight, panning and so on. As you would expect many of the shots where out of focus, if not blurry.

Swim together

Pelicans going for a swim

Duing my shoot, my sister took notice of a smaller white bird over by the rocks, not one of the pelicans I was shooting. I thought perhaps this may be an Egret, but once again I really don’t know my birds. Perhaps a bird guide may be in order. I did get a few shots of the little fellow, one stretched out, but the shot was less then good, but this one came out pretty well, I think.

Egret hiding

Egret Hiding

Though the best shot I think came from when I was wrapping up. A larger bird got fairly close to me as it was landing creating a very nice splash down. Although before I could get a good shot of the photos I had to send the camera home while I went off to work. When I loaded the photos up to my PC I saw the small thumbnail for the shot and kept my fingers crossed hoping that between me, the camera and lens set up the auto focus and AI servo did the job. I loaded up the thumbnail and a smile came up on my face…

Touch Down

Touch Down

So, all in all, a very nice shoot with a couple good surprises. Now, I must ask, since I don’t know a whole lot of birds if anyone can ID the birds in these shots better then I have, please give me a heads up.

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